Tiny Tumblers 
With parent
Ages walking-3 years old
Focuses on the infant-parent relationship for newborn through 18 months. Lap babies, crawlers, and walkers participate at their own level as they explore their worlds, bodies, and movement with their caregiver.

Tiny Tumblers is a year-round program for parents and children, ages 6 months to 3 years. Each class starts with an obstacle course - where climbing, swinging, hanging, balancing, crawling, sliding, and taking turns is experienced. We incorporate circle time, using various finger plays, songs, and instruments. From there we will introduce various ball activities, parachute play, climbing, rolling, balancing, and jumping, fine motor play and games to encourage critical thinking.

Fall 2018

Monday 10:00 - 10:45 am

Wednesday 11:00 - 11:45 am

Thursday 9:00 - 9:45 am

Rockin' rollers

Rockin' Rollers is for ages 2 1/2 - 3 and is a transition class from a class with parents to a class without parents, teaching the child independence. It is very loosely structured to help the child learn to take instruction from a teacher instead of a parent. 

Fall 2018
Monday 12:30 - 1:15 pm
Tuesday 10:00 - 10:45 am

Ages 3 -7
Gymnastics introduces developmental gymnastics for fun - NOT competition. Girls and boys learn on all the equipment: rings, uneven bars, parallel bars, rope, twizzler, beam, spring board, and mini-tramp. Included in each class is a warm up and strength building period - done to energetic music - and made fun. Games are played to develop their upper body, flexibility, and confidence. 

Fall 2018

Monday 11:15 - 12:15 (ages 3 to 5 years)

Tuesday 4:30 - 5:30 (ages 4 to 7 years)

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:30 (ages 4 to 7 years)

Kid's Day Out

Fall and Spring 

Every Friday, Kid's Day Out is a chance for your child to play through guidance.  The curriculum includes:  toy time, Kids in Action curriculum, fine motor skills, creative building, craft, obstacle course and more.  Our cooperative play helps develop your child's social skills and prepares him or her for future educational experiences.  Children must be potty trained, ages 3 - 6 years.  A snack and lunch is needed. 

Fridays 9:30 - 2:30 


Kids In Action playgroups are a time for your child to run around in our open gym sessions. The kids start out with an obstacles course of swinging on the ropes and jumping on our various trampolines. They then end the class with a variety of Kids In Action games. This class is loosely structured and intended to have as much fun as possible! As an added bonus, upon registering for any Kids In Action or Kindermusik class, our playgroups are free! Have a large group that is looking for a private place to play? Give us a call! We offer private playgroups as well... (281) 358-9446.

​Fall 2018

Thursday 11:15 - 12:00

Saturday 9:00 - 9:45

​​Parent's Night OUt (Ages 3 to 12)

Held the second and fourth Saturday evening of each month from 6:30-10:30 pm. We provide lots of Kids In Action fun, games, craft, toy time, dress up, and a cool down movie. Older kids will enjoy dodge ball, bubble ball soccer, nerf gun wars, and a movie.  

Let them wear their PJ's so you can tuck them safely into bed. You provide their blankets or sleeping bags Domino's pizza is optional. Three (potty-trained) to 11 years of age. Pre-registration is encouraged. Emergency form is required.

When:  2nd and 4th Saturday of every month, 6:30 - 10:30 pm (exception:  November & December - please call office for dates)

Kindermusik "Village" 
Focuses on the infant-parent relationship for newborn through 14 months. Lap babies, crawlers, and walkers participate at their own level as they explore their worlds, bodies, and movement with their caregiver. 

(newborn - 14 months)

Fall 2018

Wednesday 12:30 - 1:15 

Kindermusik "Our Time" 

Brings the joy of music and movement into the lives of children, ages 14 months to 3 years, through singing, chanting, moving and listening, and playing simple instruments with their caregiver. "Our Time" includes take home materials.

Fall 2018 

Wednesday 10:00 - 10:45 am 

Thursday 10:15 - 11:00 am

Kindermusik "Imagine That"

For children 3 to 5 years, present music to your child through a variety of games, imaginary play, and exposure to various percussion instruments.  Signing and moving to music helps the child to develop a sense of rhythm.  Includes take home materials.

Fall 2018

Tuesday 11:00 - 11:45 am



Kindermusik uses music to encourage early learning and creativity in children, newborn - 7 years old. This program places emphasis on your child's development, not performance. Kindermusik includes a four-stage curriculum that complements your child's own timetable for learning.


Kids in Action is dedicated to building happy, healthy, confident kids through its year-round movement education programs. The programs focus on developing motor skills, learning body awareness, songs with movement, basic tumbling and gymnastics, hand-eye coordination, tracking, balance, sensory development, shape and color recognition – all enhancing the child's academic development. The lifelong confidence and coordination learned through our program is the best educational investment you can make for your child. Recent brain research teaches us that early childhood education is essential to the wiring of a child's brain. The first years last forever – and Kids in Action is here to help nurture your child.

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Kids in Action

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