The Infant room is a nurturing environment for babies 6 weeks to 1 year of age.  The environment fosters discovery, cognitive, social and sensory experiences.  Our experienced teachers help each child with both gross and fine motor development, using the Kids in Action lesson plans to enhance that experience.  To help encourage communication, the teachers also work on sign language. 

The classroom is stocked with age-appropriate toys.  Each child can start learning as early as possible, from tummy-time with friends to listening to Mozart, our loving teachers and clean facility provides an excellent start for your little one.  Trusting someone to care for your most precious gift is not to be taken lightly.  Communication between parents and caregivers is crucial and information sheets are provided to parents on a daily basis.

Space is very limited.  Kids in Action only accepts 4 infants at a time.

All children are able to participate in the Kids in Action program, which is included in tuition.  The teachers start each day with circle time, an important activity for all children, to help teach the importance of cooperation and following instruction.  With the help of Miss Debbie, our well-known certified Kindermusik instructor, the children will participate in a wide-range of musical activities.  

The toddlers also have access to our massive gym, which includes equipment for children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old.  All activities help encourage both fine and gross motor skills.  Both classrooms also have a literacy circle.  Reading aloud to the kids is a daily ritual.  



The Kids in Action Tots are divided up into two rooms:  The toddlers room and the Two's Dr. Seuss room.  The Kids in Action teachers implement the awesome curriculum of Frog Street Press.  The curriculum focuses on not only the class as a group, but each child will also have individualized curriculum based on their development.  The teachers foster creativity and learning with our centers.  All children have the opportunity to explore centers, such as Dramatic Play, Manipulatives, blocks, Literacy, Art, fine and gross motor.  ‚Äč