A Loving Introduction To A World Of Nature & Wonder

First Steps, Cuddles, & Care Indoors & Out To Kickstart The Journey Ahead

A Loving Introduction To A World of Wonder

First Steps, Cuddles, And Care To Kickstart The Journey Ahead

Infants | 6 weeks - 12 months | Serving Kingwood, New Caney & Porter, TX

A Loving Teaching Team Is Texas School Ready™

Your little one’s teacher has over five years of experience working with babies. Your Texas School Ready™ teaching team is passionate about early education and strives to give your child the best possible start.

Your Baby Chooses What Works Best For Them

From eating when they’re hungry and indulging in a nap when they’re sleepy, your baby gets to run the show in their classroom. They learn on a schedule most complementary to their needs and flourish while feeling completely comfortable.

Small Class Sizes In Each Classroom

Your baby benefits from as much individual attention from their teacher as possible at such a young age. For this reason, babies have small class sizes – giving your little one plenty of one-on-one guidance and care.

At 6 Months Old, Your Baby Graduates To A Separate Classroom With More Crawling Space!

Comfort and Privacy For Nursing Moms

Breastfeed your baby in a quiet, cozy corner set up with a rocking chair and blinds that close for added privacy. Our nursing area aims to make you feel as relaxed and at ease as you would when at home.

Separate Areas For High-Quality Sleep

Your baby catches up on their zzz’s and enjoys restful naps thanks to a separate area for them to sleep in; this ensures they can rest peacefully as other little ones play nearby.

Plenty of Cuddles, Snuggles, And Affection

Babies exposed to lots of love at a young age grow into happier, less anxious adults. Teachers hold them, coo at them, snuggle them and make them feel as cherished as they would in your arms.

A New Infant Playground Introduces Them To Nature

The extensive grounds aren’t just for big kids! Your infant goes outside for safe exploration on a new infant playground designed to let them take in fresh air, practice motor skills, and enjoy sensory play on the grass.

An Easy-To-Use Parent-Teacher App

The Procare Connect app allows you to easily communicate with your baby’s teachers within just a few clicks and stay up to date about every detail of their time with us. Other benefits include:

A Curriculum That Jumpstarts Your Baby's Learning

Babies learn from Frogstreet© curriculum, a comprehensive curriculum that builds a strong foundation of education across language, cognitive, physical, social, and emotional areas of development. Individualized learning plans prepare your baby for academic success.

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