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Learning Activities Disguised As Fun

Each new day includes engaging, high-energy activities that cater to your child’s senses and encourage them to play to their heart’s content. They’ll be learning new academic and socio-emotional skills throughout each new day without even realizing it.

An Internationally Recognized Early Childhood Curriculum

The Frog Street curriculum enhances childhood’s simple joy while having teachers nurture your toddler’s curiosity through exploration. Learning centers around five developmental domains and instruction meets each child’s unique needs.

Providing Choices For A Sense of Independence

Teachers encourage your little one to do simple tasks independently and offer them choices throughout the day. They’re free to select their learning materials and observe how to do something before being asked to try it by themselves.

Identifying New Emotions and Developing Empathy

Your toddler starts to understand what they’re feeling and gains self-confidence as they practice forming healthy, happy friendships with their peers. They see first-hand how their actions impact others and learn how to take accountability, apologize, and move forward.

Knowledgeable About Your Toddler’s Developmental Needs

Highly educated and experienced teachers are knowledgeable about your toddler’s ever-changing development rate and can quickly adapt programs and activities to each toddler’s age and stage. All of our staff are undergoing training for the Child Development Associate credential.

The Parent App Is Your Gateway To Communication

Stay up to date on every detail of your growing toddler’s day with a handy mobile app that lets you communicate with teachers within just a few clicks. Some of the main benefits of using this app include:

Building Gross Motor Skills With Weekly Extracurriculars

Big muscle groups are developed with weekly gymnastics and Kindermusik classes, conveniently included in tuition! Your toddler develops balance, agility, and coordination as they twist like pretzels and dance to a beat.

At 2-3 Years Old, Your Little One Moves Ahead To The Older Toddler Group!

An Introduction To More Structure In The Classroom

When your child graduates to the older toddler age group, their learning environment becomes more structured to prepare them for the years ahead. Play has a purpose, and each activity has a specific educational objective.

Getting Ready For Preschool Success

Teachers work on developing your child’s fine motor skills, showing them how to hold a crayon and pencil and cut precise shapes with scissors. They start to learn the necessary foundation of school skills, including their ABCs and 123s.

Learning How To Go To The Bathroom Independently

It’s potty training time! Your toddler graduates from diapers and learns how to go to the bathroom on their own, signaling their teachers when it’s time to go. They get into the habit of undressing and washing their hands once they’re finished.

Weekly Gymnastics And Kindermusik At No Cost

Your toddler benefits from enrichment activities like music, dance, yoga, art, gymnastics, and Kindermusik included in their weekly curriculum. These programs stimulate their creativity and help them develop fun new interests.

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