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virtual pre-school

In these crazy times, let's keep our pre-schoolers on a schedule they can thrive on!

What you get:

  • Three, LIVE, on-line classes PER DAY, with one of our AMAZING Pre-School teachers!
  • Ask questions, interact with others, participate in hands-on activities
  • weekly take-home packets provided
  • For Kids in ACtion members AND Non-members!
  • Includes all STEAM activities
  • Private Facebook Group with other classmates
  • Helps support our community of TEACHERS
  • Helps kids navigate technology in a tech-driven world
  • Engaging activities for your mom and dad a small, but much needed break!

Tuition:  $200/month or $50.00/week

Email us for more information!

We look forward to seeing your child in our "classroom!"

How To Enroll:

1.  CLICK HERE to complete an enrollment form here​                        

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