Getting Kinder Ready While Having Tons Of Fun
Kindergarten Ready
Having Fun
A Powerful Curriculum Gives The Headstart They Deserve


Small Class Sizes Offer Individualized Attention

Your child benefits from a low student to teacher ratio in classrooms, allowing them to have extra help with any challenges or areas they need to improve in. They also have more chances to participate and have their voices heard!
Small Class Sizes Offer Individualized Attention
An All-Encompassing Headstart On Success

An All-Encompassing Headstart On Success

Your child develops all of the skills necessary to carry them through their upcoming academic journey. They polish socio-emotional skills like sharing and caring, learn by playing, and brush up on math, science, and literacy basics in our preschool classrooms.

The Frog Street© Curriculum Gets Them Kindergarten Ready

The Frog Street Curriculum is a high-quality, research-based curriculum that focuses on developing children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being. Their activities encourage expressive language, communication skills, and creative expression, sending them to kindergarten ready to succeed.

Top-Quality Curriculums Are Internationally-Recognized

Take A Look At Their Comprehensive Blended Curriculum!


Kindermusik Science has shown music greatly benefits your child’s social-emotional skills and language and cognitive development.

With Lessons Encouraging Music, Song, And Dance, Your Child Fosters Stronger Communication, Social Skills, And Brainpower, Making Them More Likely To Achieve Higher Grades, Make New Friends, Better Cope With Emotional Stress, Solve Problems, And Avoid Peer Pressure.


Gymnastics Gymnastics isn’t just about getting their body moving. It builds your child’s strong work ethic, grit, and elevates self-esteem.

By Mastering Coordination, Flexibility And Strength From A Young Age, They Carry This Mental Resilience Into Their Future, Making Them More Likely To Take On New Extracurriculars, Graduate College, Advance Higher In Their Future Careers, And Even Earn Higher Incomes.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning With educational lessons outdoors, your child explores engaging activities that immerse them in learning.

Not Only Are They Gaining Essential Knowledge For Their Next Academic Steps, They Enjoy The Science-Backed Benefits Of Nature-Play That Includes Improved Well-Being, Greater Sleep Quality, Better Focus In Class, Boosted Brain Development, And Healthier, Happier Lives And Bodies.

Early Learning

Our curriculum gives your child the confidence to be ready for Kindergarten and the social-emotional skills to succeed in life!

The Robust Frog Street© Curriculum Is Age-Appropriate And Can Be Tailored To Each Child. Older Children Learn Digital Skills With Our Program That Will Help Them Take The Computer Test To Enter Kindergarten And Other Kindergarten Skills!

Outdoor Learning & Play Builds New Skills Daily

Outdoor Learning & Play Builds New Skills Daily

Your child explores expanses of open space, where they run, climb, swim, play sports, try archery, and discover nature in an outdoor classroom. They build physical and cognitive skills, and reap the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

The Procare Connect App Keeps You In The Loop

Teachers immerse you in your child’s daily classroom experiences with a handy two-way communication app. Easily track learning milestones, receive photos and videos, and share helpful feedback with staff. Each classroom also has its own private Facebook page!
The Procare Connect App Keeps You In The Loop

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