Why Choose Us

Large Indoor Gyms

Your child stays active on a rock wall, trampolines, beams, soft play equipment, and more.


Operated by a mother-daughter team, our daycare strives to ensure every child fits into the family.

Small Class Sizes

Low teacher-to-student ratios mean your child has increased opportunities to learn one on one.

Kindermusik and Gymnastics

Daily enrichments allow your little one to develop new interests and are included in tuition.

Texas School Ready™

Teachers take Texas School Ready™ training to ensure the best industry practices guide your child’s learning.

Outdoor Education

Your child learns stewardship and builds valuable skills as they enjoy fresh air and sunshine every day.

Kindergarten Readiness

Teachers prepare your child for school success with the Frog Street curriculum.

Safety Comes First

Experienced staff and teachers are CPR trained and undergo first aid certification on an annual basis.

Age-Appropriate Playgrounds

Four playgrounds are equipped with an outdoor classroom, so there’s always something new to explore.

After School Fun

Kids in the after-school program enjoy high-energy Kid Fit and Ninja warrior courses included in tuition.

We Have 3 Family-Focused Services

Child Care

Prepare your little one for kindergarten in a fun and engaging environment.

Summer & Holiday Camps

Discover an action-packed activity program for kids during school breaks.

Birthday Parties

Throw a themed, structured, and super-fun celebration without the hassle.